Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

What a week! It's been busy - between attending silly karaoke events and going to opening night of the Pee-wee Herman Show on Broadway, and being inside cooped up at work during the day, I unfortunately didn't have much time to write up anything of substance.  I also had some huge people related annoyances along the way that made it even harder to write.  It sucks when that happens, but I'm on my way back into blogging some good times...so here goes!

I'll start out with my Halloween costume from Thursday night. I celebrated Halloween really early (with no intentions on celebrating at all) because there was a Karaoke Killed the Cat party that night that was a supposedly a costume party.  Unfortunately only about 10% of the people who came dressed up.  My friend Fotini and I went as an "awkward pajama party" which was really easy, cheap and we did look pretty awkward.  $6 PJ sets, my own vintage New Kids On The Block Buttons and I even dug out my retainer.  The retainer lisp was a perfect added bonus.  

Last night I saw my friends The Beets play at the Cake Shop.  I just found out about the show during the day and I didn't really have time to go all out in costume.  The awkward pajama party was more fun as a pair anyway.  So I went through my bear hat collection (I own three bear hats, are you surprised?), threw on the panda hat, some black and white and ran out the house. 

disoriented panda

No Halloween festivities for me today. I overslept and missed my yoga class and then decided to stay in and  catch up on some writing.  I wish I had another free day to tack onto this weekend but instead I'll just think about my little California vacation coming up!
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