My Thoughts on Minx Nails

Friday, April 23, 2010

Back in February I noticed that Lifebooker Loot (It's like the Gilt Groupe of beauty + spa services for NYC and LA) had a discount on a Minx manicure at Vada Spa down on Waverly and 6th Avenue.  It was about $26 including tax, retailing for $40.  What's cool about Lifebooker Loot is that you purchase a voucher and can save it for approximately 1 year and print it out off your account online when you are ready to use it. I chose to save my voucher for around my birthday which is in a couple days.

Minx manicures just look so cool.  If you are into doing your nails, nail art,'s just a really fun alternative.  To get the most out of it, I wanted to pick a design that was cute but totally unachievable with nail polish alone.  As the nail technician was flipping through the Minx designs I knew I needed that crazy flower design! (click the photo to see a larger version)

I thought the application process was ridiculously easy looking for the amount of money it costs.  You hold the decals under a heat lamp to soften the adhesive and stick it on.  Then you smooth it out over your nail and keep your hands under the heat so it seals onto your nails.  By the way, I hate hate hate getting manicures done by other people.  I think they are always too rough around the cuticle area and underestimate how delicate the skin is around there.  So this experience was just okay for me because I do my own manicures at home and if i can do Minx at home, life would be sweet.

Is this worth the money?  It depends. I would only recommend it for an event or something special.  And if that's the case, get it the day of the event so you don't have to experience any unexpected peeling.

Hot Ticket to LOST!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This is really crazy!  In nerdy LOST land, I have one of the hottest tickets in town...according to the New York Times that is.  When I purchased my ticket to the upcoming TimesTalks event with LOST producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, I did not think that it would sell out in 30 minutes, let alone be aired live in HD in movie theaters across the country.  If I didn't have a ticket for this event, I would definitely go see it in a theater because I am a nerdy LOST fan. But wow! I'm going to be in the same room as Damon and Carlton...whaaaaat? 

All the information is here along with which theaters will be airing this event.  Tickets are on sale already I think.  HELLO! - it's Damon and Carlton talking about LOST three days before the series finale!

Reebok EasyTones Are Potentially Life Changing

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I am laying on my couch right now with leg and butt pain because I walked around for 3 hours in my Reebok EasyTones yesterday.  These have that "walking in sand" feeling, that sink your feet in certain spots, requiring extra leg muscle with each step.  I usually wear them at the gym and speed walk on the treadmill (these aren't meant for running) and feel it...but that's expected.  Until yesterday, I haven't speed walked for a long period of time outside and I am very impressed and now an even bigger fan of Reebok EasyTones.  I have the pair pictured here, they are the "Inspire" ones.  My sister gave them to me and I think they are my favorite things ever right now!  They also look better than those ugly orthopedic Skechers Shape Ups.

Zac Posen for Target 24 Hour Pop Up Shop Visit

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Zac Posen for Target pop up shop was open to the public on April 15th at 11 p.m. and stayed open for the next 24 hours.  I went to the New Yorker Hotel to check out the sale at around 8 a.m. today before work, which is actually 12 hours too late.  I missed out on all the good things obviously, but I mainly wanted to check everything out to get a look and feel before possibly purchasing online on its release date, April 25th (my birthday, heyyyy).

It was so empty and peaceful. While the party the night before seemed fun, it was probably a bitch to shop.  I just walked around the space picking stuff off the rack to try on. 

Here is a brief rundown of the pieces I tried on.

Brocade Skirt - High waisted, but too high waisted for me and my non-existent torso.  It basically covered my entire stomach.  I can't picture wearing this normally and comfortably.  Cute pattern and it looked nice at the above knee length. 

Tuxedo Skirt - Same as above. Too high in the waist for me.

Tuxedo Bodysuit - This was interesting.  I know this will fit some personal styles out there.  I don't think it's mine. But it was very soft.

Tuxedo Jacket - I like this piece a lot.  I think it will go well with casual outfits.  Of course it caught my attention because Dakota Fanning was seen wearing it a month ago.  Even though I am ten years older than her, I like her style and therefore I had to check this one out.  I can understand how it can look cheap but I don't think it does.  In fact, I think I can pull this off with my wardrobe.  This fits true to size.

Sweater Dress - This was a hot mess.  I hated the mesh bottom which was more see through than the rest of the dress.  This is one of those dresses that might look good on a stick skinny person, but it was just nothing special in general.

Snap Tape Shirt - I can't find a picture of it online but there was a red snap tape shirt which was really cute. I tried it on and was going to get it...until I saw that they were charging $50 for this 100% polyester shirt.  That's ridiculous. I happily passed over to someone else who went straight for the cashier after I handed it over to her.

Brocade Tie Dress - I didn't try this on at the place, but later at home.  This dress fits me weird.  I could zip it up and that will fit fine, but there are gaps in the shoulder area and the fabric isn't forgivable so I can't pull it down.  I also feel like a fat mom on Easter wearing this dress.  The dress just felt really structured on, I didn't feel too comfortable in it.

Swimsuits - My favorite was the tie dye low V one piece, but there was only a size XL left.  My next favorite is the black-gold one piece seen on the mannequin in the first photo below.  I picked this one up.  It's a fun swimsuit with a flattering style and cut.  The red one was giving me Baywatch vibes.

Ruffled Dresses - These were okay and there was an overstock of them leftover.  I thought they were kind of cute in person but I hate how they turned up in my photos.  I think this looked cheaper than it's price at $80 and can be skipped over.

Since I saw most of the collection and only want a few things that I didn't get a chance to see/buy (the yellow raincoat, the snap tape dress and the black belt), I think I've seen quite enough and came to the conclusion I wasn't as in love with the collection as I was originally. 

This is what I ended up picking up.  Not shown is the black/gold swimsuit that I also got.

I'm going to be returning the above brocade dress to Target tomorrow.  I wanted to like it and get it hemmed to be all cute but I can't fill in the shoulders which annoys me! 

It's okay, that just means money going towards my new sought after Target collection (can you tell I'm kind of already over Zac?)...

Cynthia Vincent wedges and shoes! Out this Sunday, April 18th.  Can't wait for these.

Snack Vault

Thursday, April 15, 2010

This is my file cabinet at work...

....But it's filled with nothing but snacks.  I don't really need my own cabinet for files. The top drawer is not photographed but it's currently a mess of Tates cookies (these are amazing...I recommend if you are a fan of crispy overbaked edges), rice cakes, bananas and oatmeal packs.

I got a few boxes of these the other day at a Girl Scout Cookie Cupboard location on 23rd Street between 5th and 6th Avenue while on my lunch break.  Shortly after I got there, a small line formed behind me.  I guess they make good money by keeping these Cookie Cupboards available to those who don't know Girl Scouts or live in the suburbs.

Urban Outfitters $5 Sale Picks

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

 Urban Outfitters is having a $5 Sale right now and of course it's hit or miss...a lot of miss actually.  That is kind of the case whenever Urban Outfitters marks things down. It's usually crap but sometimes I find good deals.  Sometimes.  Before they sell out, here are my quick picks on some cute stuff.  Use CODE: UOUOUO at checkout for an extra 10% off.

 Cooperative Seersucker Hooded Jacket

 BDG Striped Button Placket Henley

Kimchi Blue Printed Tote

BDG Boxer Short

(The rest of the $5 Sale is here)

(photos: urban outfitters)

Stuff From Sephora I Like and Actually Use

Saturday, April 10, 2010

If you are shopping the Sephora V.I.B. Insider (Very Important Beauty Insider - corny.) sale or are going to shop the Beauty Inside sale (same shiz), and are having trouble deciding what to get or just want to try some new products, I wrote up a list of things that I stocked up on.

V.I.B. Discount Code: VIBMADNESS (valid now through April 19)
Beauty Inside Discount Code: BI15 (valid April 12 through April 19)

I wouldn't go too crazy with this sale actually.  It's only 15% and if you live in New York like myself, you are only getting a 6% discount!  Not that reasonable but if you are looking to replenish some things, then go for it.

Boscia  Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil
This is my favorite oil cleanser to remove makeup off my face.  With an oil cleanser, you don't need soap.  Even soap alone doesn't remove makeup most of the time.  You just rub it all over your face and wash it off with water.  I usually wipe my face with a toner after I use this, and there's no makeup left on my face at all.  This is good stuff.

Clarisonic Sensitive Brush Head
My Clarisonic is one of those pricey purchases I have no regrets over.  I only use it 2-3 times a week because that is about how many times you should exfoliate your face.  I use the sensitive brush head because it's soft but not too soft.  They have one that is even softer than this but I'd like for it to work into my skin a bit.  I needed a replacement brush because I think I'm going over the amount of usage time (about 5 months?).

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner
The only thing I know about Kat Von D is that she is from those LA/Miami Ink shows and that is about it.  But that's all I care to know.  What I do care about is that I LOVE this eyeliner.  I can't wear a majority of eye makeup products because it just transfers right down, giving me raccoon eyes.  Everything gives me raccoon eyes.  This liner stays put and it's thin enough to get in between your lashes.  I even tried the L'Oreal Carbon Black one or whatever it is called and I hate it and it leaves black splotches on my eyes by the end of the day.

Michael Kors Very Hollywood Fragrance
I think I am naturally attracted to Gardenia blends.  I received a huge bottle of this for Christmas so I won't be running out of this anytime soon.  It's a great scent and perfect for spring and summer.  I remember trying it on at the store and it reminded me of one of those scented dolls I used to have when I was little.  I notice that a lot of perfumes remind me of toys and dolls from back in the day and I love that!

(images: sephora)

Smell Cute

Friday, April 9, 2010

I have not used a Demeter perfume in a very very long time.  I think I owned one perhaps, and I can't even remember the fragrance.  I don't really like smelling like "stuff".  It's a cute company but can be gimmicky at times.  Demeter is known for fragrances that are quite specific and unique, but also can be very strange, with scents like Dirt and Play-Doh.

I saw that Hautelook has these Sanrio Demeter fragrances up for grabs today.  Let me say first that I am not usually swayed by Sanrio, especially Hello Kitty. My happy days with Sanrio involved Tuxedo Sam, My Melody and Pom Pom Purin. And those days are long gone...Until today!

I am very much in love with the vintage labels.  They go in tune with my childhood and in a perfect world, these would smell just like the amazingly delicious Sanrio gum I used to buy, where the flavor lasts for a mere 10 seconds.

Scent Descriptions:
- Hello Kitty: Different Kinds of Apples: Red, Green, & Yellow
- My Melody: Almond Vanilla Pound Cake
- Little Twin Stars: Exotic & Unusual Citrus Fruits

After reading the scent descriptions, I think they might actually smell like the Sanrio candy and that makes me very excited! Now I'm actually debating on these cutie perfumes. My Melody's is scented after her "favorite food"!  FUN!

(image: hautelook)

Philly Weekend!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I recently went to Philly with George for a little 3 day weekend trip.  We stayed at Hotel Palomar in Rittenhouse Square which I LOVED! We got a nice Easter Weekend deal.  Otherwise, I am sure we wouldn't have stayed there because it seems kind of expensive.  They also allow dogs to stay there and I had fun riding the elevators with cute dogs.  And there were L'Occitane products in the bathroom!  I love products! 

This may look kind of decent, but it was actually not good at all.  My only complaint.  Don't order late night room service from here.  Either go to bed or eat some chips.

After checking in, we then went out for dinner in the area and ate at Noble American Cookery on Sansom Street.   Such a cute place with good food.  I didn't take a picture of the panna cotta we ordered for dessert because I was digging in before I remembered...but I loved that too.

We went to see Major Lazer at night.  I can't say much for the music  in general, it was just okay.  I've seen some better Diplo shows.  As for the venue, the place was full of bros.  Mandals galore.  Glow necklaces...and bracelets.  This was almost a waste of a cute outfit if we had no other plans for the evening.

After the show, we drove to this place called The Ox, which is a warehouse art/music space that seems to be hidden on purpose.  And when we found it, it turned out to be really cool.  I was so glad to be there after being in Bro City.  George's sister's friend DJ Waffles was DJing a Marvin Gaye birthday party here.  Good times! 

Saturday, we ate brunch at Rouge by the park.  George had eggs and I had egg-y brown sugar french toast.  Ugh I love food.

Later that day, our friends George K and Liana drove into Philly to meet us and go hang around Old City and South Philly.  We met up with my friend Christina who came to eat with us at Catina Los Caballitos.  I loved their tortilla chips but what I reaaally loved was their vegan seitan skewers - Oh my goodness!

I only bought one thing in Philly (aside from massive amounts of food and snacks) and that was a  necklace from a little vintage store called Sweet Jane.  They have a small but decent selection and sold some records too.  You can tell that they are selective.  But it was also fairly priced.

Channeling the Childlike Empress from Neverending Story. 

I also could not leave Philly without getting some pretzels from the Pretzel Factory.  We left on Easter day so I had to call to make sure they were open and they were..but only til noon!  Rushed over and got some.  Yum! 5 pretzels (basically the entire slab below) is only $2!  NICE!

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