Secret Word of the Day: CLOCKY

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Say hello to my first piece of "custom" art. Almost two years ago, while aimlessly perusing the Internet, I stumbled upon Ben Zurawski's Clocky, inspired by Pee-wee's Playhouse. Looking at the rest of his work, it didn't take me long to find that he was just as big of a fan of Pee-wee and had made some of the coolest art related to the show. On a whim I emailed Ben asking how in the world a girl like me can get a Clocky for her apartment. It turned out that he did make custom Clockys (in fact, Paul Reubens himself had ordered some from Ben as gifts in the past, so you know this is Pee-wee approved). At that time, I had just moved into a new apartment and was not really equipped with the extra cash but I figured I would open that connection and see where it goes.

This is Ben's own Clocky 

After keeping in touch via the occasional email, I finally bit the bullet and got myself one of the coolest things to ever grace the walls of my home.  The worst part was waiting a little while for Clocky to be made, but he arrived safely just the other day. We popped a battery into the clock and put him on the wall immediately! I didn't notice until I was sitting on my couch one evening, but if you look closely, Ben had snuck my name onto the spinning blocks that make Clocky's teeth, truly making it my own. I just had to play around with the blocks first to figure that one out. I love my new Clocky. Thanks so much Ben!


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