Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Just Another Day in Queens

This past weekend was no different than most.  I spent the day in Queens, my favorite New York City borough if you have not noticed (which is also my hometown). This time I hopped on the 7 train and ventured into Flushing with my friends Jon and Matt.

Animal friends at the thrift store Matt took us to.

Buddha Bodai, my favorite vegetarian dim sum place. I usually go to the one in Chinatown but the other location in Flushing has the same good stuff. 

Toy Qube is a toy store that sells popioca drinks, which is basically the opposite of tapioca bubbles. Instead of them being chewy, they are filled with liquid flavoring. I ordered a green tea with lychee popioca and mango stars. It felt like I was popping lychee flavored zits in my mouth. 

Quickly, another bubble tea place, sells these custard filled cakes that are really tasty and came in a goofy little box.