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Friday, October 4, 2013

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Even though I live in a city filled with some of the coolest stuff in the world, I still naturally find myself lusting for what I can't have: overseas beauty products, candy and snacks to name a few. There really is no distinction between my wants and needs when it comes to this stuff.

Luckily for me, my sister recently went to Copenhagen for work and kindly offered to pick up a few makeup products for me from & Other Stories! Yes, that cool girl brand owned by H&M. The one that I would gladly replace a handful of the H&Ms here with. COS (H&M's other cool girl brand) seems awesome too and NYC is getting one soon, but I think & Other Stories is more my style.

I had approximately 15 minutes to whip up a wish list with their website and Google by my side. The final result was a bit of a collaborative effort decided upon via email in an extremely short time span. I think we did well:

Plush Earth Eye Shadow Palette - This is a nice palette filled with cooler, satin neutrals. These eyeshadows are actually very nice quality and don't get all dusty the second my brush hits. I wore three of the shadows the other day and love how they came together. The top left is a great standalone shade. I was a bit iffy on the top right golden poo color but I mixed it with the color beneath it to not have such a heavy look.

Ecarlate Pink Blush - This is a very happy pink! My sister picked this one out for me because I couldn't decide what a "nice" color would be on me. It's bright, so only a little is needed (In other words: it's going to last forever). I really want more of their blushes. Regarding the Romeo and Juliet quote - It's cute but I seriously can't stand quotes and wordy things. That's just me.

Moire Green Nail Polish - This one I wanted because of a random blog post I found while on my rampant Google spree. I haven't used it yet but I like pastels all year round. This one leans more white which I LOVE. I don't need to be reminded of how many milky pale green polishes I own. They're all different right? Riiight...

Camaca Coral Lip Gloss - These glosses caught my eye on the website because they seemed so pigmented and would be a nice to throw in my purse. Well the color payoff is actually very sheer to almost clear. I still like them though. It smells like vanilla and I'd probably only repurchase if I found one with more pigmentation.

Any other & Other Stories recommendations? That is, if given the rare chance I'll actually get to shop at one someday. Or acquire European penpals.


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