Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Love Zara

Every time I go into Zara, I always find ONE item that I can't leave the store without.  Just one.  And one is enough with each visit because they are a bit expensive and I think their pricing system is a little off.  Anyways, they have some excellent fall + winter merchandise lately.  So many slouchy knits with cute silhouettes in navy, camel, browns and pretty muted autumn colors.  This is a collective post of my Zara goods that I have gotten over the last couple months.  Have I felt guilty each time I purchased these items? Yes, a little...but I'm over it because I think I chose each piece wisely! How did I do?

As you might have assumed by now, I love clothes with animals on them.  It's important that it fits my style though.  I saw this knit top from across the store hanging on the rack and I beelined straight towards it.  It's really soft and slouchy and the fox is so damn cute!
I like foxes because Shiba Inu dogs sort of resemble them.  Shibas are my favorite dog and I would own one right now if I had money and time for a one.  If this top had a Shiba Inu on it, I would have reacted way crazier but this fox will have to do since it's still a really good top.  

These ankle wedge boots are also from Zara.  They are a nice natural color with a gum sole.  These came straight from the back and were not laying around on the store floor which is one of my Zara pet peeves.  I am sure I'm not the only one that is annoyed by $100+ shoes scattered all over the floor.

Totally obsessed.  To me, a hood is like an added bonus that I just always gravitate towards. Aside from the obvious covering of the head, a hood changes so much for me.  For some reason I feel secure with a hood even if I never wear it.  I think having that extra pocket of fabric behind me pulls the look together.  I get the same secure feelings from scarves too.  

This cape has a lot of noteworthy details: toggle closure, plaid hood, a BOW ON THE BACK?  Too many cute things and it doesn't feel overwhelming. It's pretty perfect!  Topshop has one that looks very similar but costs about $100 more. I'm very pleased with this and I'm trying to get a lot of wear out of it before the 10 degree weather creeps up.

Just got this this yesterday! I don't give into nautical too easily but I think this jacket was done right.  It's simple but well made and very thick.  It's more appropriate for spring or fall weather that's on the warmer side but I can wear it underneath a coat if I really wanted to. 

What I like most about this jacket is that the collar opens up and it looks really girly on. 

I will admit that this was not the most reasonably priced purchase but I know that it's a classic piece that will go a long way.  

Okay, that is all.  I gave Zara enough of my money this season.  These items are all currently in the stores right now but things do go fast (cat romper womp womp) so get on it if anything is of interest to you!  I'm hungry and I think it's time for mac & cheese.  Hope you enjoyed this post!