Cali Road Trip Part 7: Hangin' at Hearst Castle

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

After conquering some curvy (and somewhat scary) roads, we finally made it to San Simeon to make it to our last planned trip destination, Hearst Castle.  We stayed at Sea Breeze Inn for the night which was okay, except we got woken up by a screaming baby and an equally annoying dad trying to calm it down.  I'm a heavy sleeper normally and I was the first one up! By now I've experienced enough thin wall related annoyances for me to just try to deal with it.

Hearst Castle was rather beautiful and it was so warm out when we took our tour.  We took the basic first timer tour but there are 3 others that are available for future visits!  Loved both pools.  If you are cool with Hearst Castle employees, you are allowed to attend their Neptune pool parties every year which is pretty sweet!

After we were done with our tour, we headed over to Sebastian's Store, a delightful sandwich/soup/burger joint right next to Hearst Castle's main entrance. It was instantly cozy and welcoming.  Everyone that works here is so nice and you get a great amount of food for your money.  
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