Happy Thanks!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! 

This is my first time baking blondies so I whipped out my Baker's Edge Brownie Pan (a baking favorite for edge lovers) and gave it a whirl.  I used a Pumpkin Butterscotch Blondie recipe that's a semi-tweaked Martha Stewart recipe that originally didn't have butterscotch chips added. This recipe was posted on We Heart This and it looked not only delicious but simple enough for me!  I also love baking with pumpkin and it was time for me to try a new pumpkin recipe. I doubled the ingredients because I'm making two family stops today and I even had enough leftover for half a pan for me.  

I am off to take a long drive to Pennsylvania with blondies in tow.  I'm thankful for a lot, obviously, but to keep it relevant I am e-thankful for the blogging community and the awesome opportunities, fashion & beauty inspirations and people that I have encountered through it.  Time to eat! 
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