Wednesday, November 3, 2010

On Saturday I checked out the MOVE! event at MoMA PS1 in Queens.  This was a two day event where fashion designers and artists merged to make one huge performance collaboration. I'm no art fart but I do love coming to PS1...It's always a fun experience for me because I get to lurk around the (class)rooms not knowing what's inside what (I'm not a huge fan of maps).  

Although I didn't catch all of the performances, I still had a great time.  Those Cynthia Rowley/Olaf Breuning paint splatter pieces are really cute, no? Not going to lie, watching David Blaine do some street magic in the flesh was pretty awesome.  After PS1, my friend Jon and I ate at a cute spot in Long Island City called Sage General Store.  They supposedly make amazing grilled cheese but I opted for fluffy mac & cheese with a side salad.  Both were duhlish.

Oh, by the way I am becoming really obsessed with my Canon S95 camera.  I'm still rusty with it, but slowly learning and loving the results!
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