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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

ASOS Sausage Dog Ring Holder

ASOS Sausage Dog Ring Holder

I love a functional, organizational piece that also doubles as a nice little eye-catcher. In an effort to organize my favorite and most worn rings, I scoured the Internet (not really) for an option that will look cute against my occasionally messy desk. Usually I would drop my rings off into a catch-all dish which was just okay - that same dish was also used for my watch and random bracelets, making it too jumbled of a mess. Sometimes I'd pull out a bracelet and a tiny ring would come flying out with it, totally freaking me out.

Then ASOS came and saved the day, as usual, with this fun little (and cheap) option. My rings are now happily propped up on display and for ready for plucking when I'm in a rush. This pup is the best! Unfortunately it is now sold out, but I found a similar option from Urban Outfitters here.

ASOS Sausage Dog Ring Holder
From top to bottom (or right to left): Ariel Gordon Mini Heart Charm Ring / Elizabeth and James sample / Vintage Mickey Mouse ring from Etsy / Catbird rings from my boyfriend / Pamela Love Luna Ring / Name ring from Disneyworld / Lauren Wolf Druzy Claw Ring /  Delia Langan Gold Stacking rings / Baublebar Mini Meow Ring / Verameat Spine Ring / Les Néréides cat ring from my sister

How do you organize your favorite rings and things?


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