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Friday, August 2, 2013

LUSH 9 to 5 and Tea Tree Toner review

LUSH is a tricky subject for me. I've been purchasing LUSH products for a while and frankly, it's quite the vicious cycle with this brand. Said cycle: a handful of repeat favorites mixed with a lot of tossed rejects. Right now, if you take a peek into my bathroom you'll see a LOT of LUSH. I get into weird phases where I'll read about certain products on another blog and go wild on my lunch break. You know exactly what I'm talking about. So this review is a result of a bit of that madness.

LUSH 9 to 5 cleanser review

LUSH 9 to 5 Cleansing Lotion
I am close to running out of my beloved Bioderma and was looking around at my options for a pre-cleanse face makeup remover. Bioderma is becoming bit expensive so I've made the conscious decision to reserve that for eye makeup removal only. This 9 to 5 stuff seemed pretty cool. It's made for lazy - I mean "busy" - people. People who don't like to take the time to remove their makeup. If you asked me, there's always time to remove gunk off your face, but anyways...

You use it by smothering it all over your face and wiping it away with a cotton pad (if you're strapped for time) or by washing it off. I chose to do latter, with my normal cleanser and water. It's made with dove orchid extract and almond oil as its key ingredients along with a bunch of other things. The texture is milky and not oily at all. I really wanted to like this because it smells absolutely amazing. I've read reviews on this where people actually complain that it smells old lady-like! Well I guess an old lady is what I am because I'm in love with the scent. I disagree on the granny front, but I feel a reverse reaction: it's highly reminiscent of those lightly floral scented dolls and toys I used to play with when I was younger. Is this the case for anyone else?

So I thought my cleansing method was a success: I would massage 9 to 5 in for a while, clean it off with soap and water and then wipe some toner on, hopefully not leaving a trace of anything behind. Unfortunately something's gone wrong because I was left with some stray cystic zits that were gone like magic once I stopped using this product. I gave it a solid two weeks and I think it's enough time to say it's not for me. Love the smell, hate the zits.

LUSH Tea Tree Toner review

LUSH Tea Tree Water Toner
This is one of those aforementioned repeat purchases. If you want to try a LUSH face product without having to proceed with caution, their toners are pretty harmless. The are mainly used to freshen up or in my case, wipe  I'm a fan of their Breath of Fresh Air toner, and had just run out, but I needed something else for my sad, clogged summer skin. The Tea Tree Water toner fit the bill because helloooo - tea tree. I use it mainly to remove any excess product that may still be left on my face after cleaning it, both morning and night. I love the spray bottle. This toner isn't a miracle worker and by all means a necessity. It just helps my skin feel cleaner. Also, if it can assist my pores in any way during my very least favorite season, then okay - I'm in! This can be drying so I'll be switching out of it once fall rolls around.

Have you tried and loved (or hated) any LUSH products lately?


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