Jewelry: My Obsession!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's one of my most proud obsessions to be exact! I find so much importance in jewelry when it comes to accessorizing. I have absolutely no problem in dropping a bit extra if I just have that gut feeling when I see a piece. I've grown so personally attached with my ever-expanding collection. My favorite pieces are usually on the modern and sometimes edgy side to play off my simple outfits. This is dedicated to my love for jewelry and a peek into my own collection.

My new mirrored jewelry box that I received for Christmas from my sister's boyfriend Nat. Thanks Nat!  He actually saw this mentioned on my site from my holiday wishlist post. I guess blogging is good for something! I just really needed a jewelry box because my rings were all over the place and this one's just a step up on the pretty scale.

The damage. I'm not into earrings so you won't be seeing those here. Rings are my favorite, followed by a tie between bracelets and necklaces. My necklaces are strung onto another holder. The top of the jewelry box holds my favorite rings, the middle drawer has my bracelets (the ones that aren't overly chunky), and the bottom drawer is for rings that I like but don't reach for as often. 

Traveling With Jewels
I always get paranoid when I'm going on a trip of any length because while jewelry staples are fun, I believe having options is even better. I would definitely consider purchasing a jewelry case for your traveling needs. They not only help to organize but also keep certain pieces separate from each other to avoid scratching, tangling, etc. 

For a short trip, I would use this Lauren Merkin Jewelry Case. It's small enough to tuck away but you can still pack a lot into it. It has soft, zippered compartments.

Bracelets: Made Her Think, Gorjana

Three different sized bracelet cuffs. 
My new obsession is my Lauren Wolf Stingray Baby Cuff. 

I always want a mix of rings for stacking, at least one bar ring, and a fierce cocktail ring. 

For a longer trip, I'd use this Gorjana Thompson Jewelry Wallet. The size of this jewelry wallet allows me to pick out a good mix to stuff in its various pockets.

This is what the wallet looks like opened up. 
This photo makes me really happy for some reason.

It has room for a couple of my favorite bangles: Giles & Brother, Low Luv 

Necklaces: Made Her Think and Rachel Leigh. Ring: Pamela Love

Rings: Chris Habana, Giles & Brother, Made Her Think

More rings: Elizabeth and James times two, Species by the Thousands.

Ring: Elizabeth and James, Cuff: Made Her Think

Hope you enjoyed some of my collection! I'm sure by now you have a good idea of my style and favorite brands. Do you have any jewelry obsessions or go-to pieces?

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