My 5 Daily Essentials

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I was recently tagged by Ms. Pink of The Pink and Blue Blog in her "5 Daily Essentials" post (check out her site for a daily dose of visual stimulation to get your day going). I could go different routes with this one but I'll stick with the basics since these really are my daily essentials.  Runner ups include: my MacBook/the internetz, a good handbag, pretty nail polish, fierce jewelry and the list goes on.

1. Breakfast
I can't start my day without eating something or it will just add on to my morning grouchiness. Most of the time it's cereal or oatmeal. On the weekends I like more breakfasty breakfasts like pancakes and scrambled eggs.

2. Coffee or Tea this polar bear mug that's from Sea World, except I didn't get it from Sea World - I cheated and got it from the Orlando Airport on my way home from Disney World. I just wanted it because it had a polar bear on it. Anyways, I really do feel like something's missing in my system if I don't have my morning cup of coffee. Not the best thing to admit but it's true!

3. iPhone
Also known as my new best friend. It's really amazing and after struggling with a phone that was totally malfunctioning left and right, I am so grateful (and very entertained)! I've had it for less than a week and I am already totally in love. Like my Lisa Frank Hip Hop Bears wallpaper?

4. A Good Lip Product (or two or three)
If you open up any one of my purses, you will find multiple lip balms/glosses/sticks floating around. My favorites rotate but it's always an essential. Sometimes a good lip product is all you need to complete a look.

5. Hand Sanitizer
Germs freak me out majorly so here's another necessary purse item that gives me mental relief (of course after washing my hands). Plus, I live in a dirty city with dirty subways and dirty people coughing all over me. My favorites are from Bath and Body Works because they put out limited edition scents that I get sucked into buying. They are small but last a while, hence why I still have ones from Halloween and Christmas.

I choose to tag:
Danielle of Sleepyneuf
Ria Michelle of Ria Michelle
Emilie of Plum For Polly
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Kirsten of Studs and Pearls
(but I honestly won't care if you do this or not!)
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