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Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's a great time of year for nail polish lovers because spring collections are starting to pop up from my favorite brands. I feel that for spring, the colors are so much more playful and creative. That said, I always end up being a top nail polish customer come spring and summer! 

The Sephora OPI polish is part of the new Glee line and this shade, Mash Up, seemed the most unique to me out of the whole collection. After picking this up, I went home to read more information about it on the Sephora website and found out that this color was inspired by none other than the rapper's delight himself, Will Schuester. Really, Sephora? Really? Oh, and just to add onto my rant, the fabulous Brittany S. Pierce did not get a shade inspired by her. Just sayin'.

At first when I saw the China Glaze Anchors Away collection online, I was very interested. The thing with collections in general is that you first see everything as a whole looking great, but when you start to pull the shades apart, you realize you have something similar or the color is just not that special at all.  That ended up being the case with me and Anchors Away...but I still saw something promising in these two shades, First Mate and Pelican Gray.

d.j.v. beautenizer VOLUME LASH
When it comes to mascaras, I stick to my CoverGirl LashBlast and I'm good to go. I rarely change up my mascaras but this happened to fall into my lap right when I was running out. d.j.v. beautenizer makes that crazy Fiberwig mascara that forms smudge-free "tubes" around your lashes. I've tried it and didn't care for it. There wasn't enough volume there and the "tubes" just flattened my lashes down.  I received this new Volume Lash version from d.j.v. beautenizer and despite the formula being a bit more wet than I'm used to at first, I think it's a great mascara. It dries fast and removes normally at the end of the day with a makeup remover wipe. Most importantly, it holds a curl. It's really dark and as always, any mascara that doesn't smudge on me is a real trooper in my book.

I change up my makeup routine a lot but lately I have been LA-ZY.  I'm talking waking up late, no time for fuss (or even breakfast at times), yet I still take a few minutes to attempt to look somewhat presentable. I have been returning to these products time and time again because they are extremely reliable and quick.

I've had all of the above products for months now and the only new addition is the MAC Chromagraphic pencil which is perfect for brightening the lower lash line and making you look like you got zzz's. It helps a lot and it takes two seconds to apply. 

Benefit Sugarbomb is such an amazing blush! It's lightly pigmented and provides a healthy dose of sheen which wakes up my entire face. Winter's a perfect excuse to not have an all matte face. It's light enough to build up if you need to. Added bonus: it smells like candy!

I'm picky with lip stuffs, but Korres Pomegranate Lip Butter soothes and has a tint that isn't overwhelming. I have the Lip Butter Lifesaver Roll and there's one floating around in each of my random purses. Despite the annoying part about it being somewhat unsanitary because of the pot, I still love these. Once again, quick to apply and delivers.

I never believed in Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes because if you have a couple, you have them all. They always repeat colors! While I would love to tote around my Urban Decay Naked Palette (the best of the best), it's more for home. I received the Vegan Palette a few months ago from We Heart This to test and review and I return to this one way more than I thought I would. It's perfect for travel too. Here's a great review at We Heart This if you are interested in learning more about the palette.

[Disclosure: Two of the above mentioned products were sent to me or a related party for consideration. My thoughts and opinions are my own.]

What products do you keep returning to? What do you think about the new spring nail lines?

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