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Friday, October 12, 2012

My cousin Jennifer is currently working out of London and while I wish I could visit her (sadly, flights out of NYC are pretty expensive), she was super generous enough to round up a little beauty haul for me! Here's a fun fact about me: I am oddly fascinated by things - mainly beauty products and snacks/candies - that are hard to find or just not available in the United States. Super special Haribo flavors are a very perfect example. 

I've always wanted to try Barry M's polishes because they are affordable and I like their color offerings. Buying them online within the States is just a dumb idea and will probably cost me more money anyway. So I Google'd away, found the colors that spoke to me and here they are!

Just for the hell of it, I added a bottle of Max Factor's Fantasy Fire to my shopping list. Apparently to hardcore nail polish loving Americans, this is much sought after due to its similarities to a highly coveted,  long gone Clarins polish. Of course I had to try it. Look at that shimmer!

Extra photos ahead!

Denim // Peach Melba // Indigo

Mint Green // Fantasy Fire // Cobalt

Coral Lip Gloss


  1. The Max Factor one looks amazing! Would love to see it on.

    Just letting you know i'm hosting a giveaway at the moment, hope you enter:


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