Inside The Bar (at Baublebar)

Friday, October 19, 2012

It seems that Baublebar has become quite the popular online destination for quality - yet affordable - on-trend jewelry. So popular that they now have a new on-site boutique in NYC, The Bar, that you can visit via appointment and shop in person. It's curated for the local customer (not everything you see online is sold at The Bar) and also includes special pieces that are not available on the site. They held an opening event the other day and I was able to take a peek at the new space and check out the goods! 

Now owning several Baublebar pieces, I've become a huge fan of their statement necklaces. This one in particular was a favorite of mine that was on display at The Bar. I don't usually go for dark metals but it must be the fall season that's making me change my mind with this one. I may have to go back and try it on for good measure. Luckily I work just a few blocks away!

Have any New Yorkers checked out The Bar yet? I'd love to hear about your purchases!


  1. I've yet to check out Baublebar's pieces but I gotta get into it!

  2. I had no idea Baublebar opened up a store! This is very bad news for my wallet :-)

    1. It's really cute! I'd love to see what you pick out if you end up going!


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