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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Due to recent events that are causing me to be inconvenienced by the MTA, my future weekend plans are slightly altered. That said, I choose to stay as close to my apartment as possible unless there's something very important that I need to go into Manhattan for. Honestly I'd rather be home than have smelly people smooshed up against me. I don't deserve that on my days off! So now on the weekends, I've been doing a lot of Queens-based activities...

Playing with my kitten Avery, for instance, is one activity I've been enjoying on the weekend. A few months ago I welcomed this furry friend into my life. She is my first pet ever and I love her. She's a 6 month old, extremely cute nutjob. I adopted her from my friend Jen. She has a pink nose, humungous ears, a white belly and white mittens! I even color coordinated her pink collar to go with her coloring because I'm now a cuckoo cat girl. She looks rather content here in this photo but I just got a lucky shot because she was pouncing at the camera every chance she could get.

I paid a visit to Queens Comfort in Astoria yesterday with my boyfriend. This is the second time I've been there this week and we were also there last Saturday. It's one of my favorite restaurants in Queens. Not only is it extremely easy to get to via bus from my apartment but the food is amazing, the menu is extremely long and it always changes. Earlier this week, I had the best homemade butternut squash soup I've ever tasted right here.

Since there was a brunch menu, I am usually swayed by sweets (see below) but this time I wanted savory! I chose the Fried BBQ Tofu Sandwich and yes, it was the right choice. It was perfectly crispy, drenched in Siu Haau sauce and topped with Asian slaw. Amazing. Going back for this and will hope it's on the menu! Their fries are delicious too.

(Peanut butter banana pie with cap'n crunch crust and a side of tots from the weekend prior. The waitress was really impressed with this order.)

Just off the bus, we stumbled upon a brand new bubble tea place called Big Bear Bubble Tea which had the cutest mascot - a chubby bear drinking bubble tea! I rarely drink bubble tea these days but I couldn't help but go inside. Consider me a consumer who easily gets sucked in by cute packaging and logos. 


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