Catty Cabin Fever

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy has passed. The results on NYC and surrounding areas have been quite devastating. Thankfully my little neighborhood in Queens was barely affected - we had electricity and Internet available all night long and there was no flooding. There were some fallen trees but the damage was nothing like what I've seen in other towns that are closer to water. I'm totally fine and so are my family and friends. Hopefully the rest of the city will be relieved of the aftermath soon and at least get some power back. I do feel incredibly lucky.

My normal two day weekend has turned into a five day weekend (so far) due to subways being flooded out and my office in Manhattan having no power. This unexpected cabin fever has lead to lots of quality time with the kitty - being a full-time worker, it's something I always wish I had more time for. Avery and I made this image for you, in hopes that it will cheer up this weird week that Sandy has placed upon us. Hope you all are safe and sound! 


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