Sunday, September 19, 2010


Today I went to Chinatown with my dad.  First we went to Buddha Bodai, my favorite place to get dim sum.  It's all vegetarian and mostly vegan.  My dad's a good sport for going with me to places like these, but it is so delicious.  We got caught in traffic and arrived just a few minutes late for dim sum and had to order off their regular menu. 

Appetizer sampler.  I love candied walnuts over my food. 

Pan fried noodles with "ham" and broccoli.

We then went to Canal Street to get some street vendor goodies that I've been revisiting my entire life.  First I went to look for Yao's Dragon Beard Candy.  They are a Vendy Awards Dessert Finalist!

Watching them make the candy is really fun.  It's just white candy that isn't overly sweet, stretched about and has a crushed peanut filling.  

$3 for 6 pieces of dragon beards! I took home a container.

These little cakes are also one of my favorites to buy in Chinatown.  They used to be 20 for $1 back in the day, but now they are 15 for $1.  

See you later, little cakes.

Picked up a dragon fruit.

I've never had star fruit before so I got one of these too.

Pretty rambutan.

Went to Topshop and got this crazy fantastic ring.  I walked around the entire store for about 20 minutes debating on whether I should buy it or not.  I was immediately drawn to it  and then ultimately decided it would make the perfect "me" cocktail ring. I also used my old college ID from 5 years ago (sad) and that knocked off 10%.

Now it's time for me to take care of my other writing duties and rest because I'm so sore from yoga!