Wednesday, July 14, 2010

M is for Madewell and Matt Bernson

I couldn't stay away from the Madewell sale that I wrote about not too long ago.  I haven't been back since but I was hanging out in SoHo so I decided to wander back in.  Luckily, the Extra 25% Off Sale is still going on.  There weren't that many new items added since I went, but they did stock up on additional sizes in tops that I was interested in last time but my size wasn't available.  Madewell has really nice tees.  They are so comfortable and are just a step above your everyday t-shirt.  I picked up these two for about $15 together which is an awesome deal, considering that each one retails for $48!

Last week I checked out the Oak sale that they were having in the basement of their Bond Street store.  It was only a bit of a shit show - crowded with one shopping/walking lane each for ladies and guys and it was ridiculously hard to maneuver and try things on, even shoes.  I think amongst all the quirky pieces that I know I can't pull off, I did come out with a pair of $40 (all cash, no tax) Matt Bernson Barracuda sandals which I'm so so excited about!  They retail for $178!  Hello score.

I have always wanted a pair of Matt Bernson sandals and from what I hear about the actual sample sales, they sound a bit over the top crazytown.  I'm glad I scored here.  I tried on another pair of Matt Bernson sandals at the Oak sale and while they were super comfortable, they had thick ankle straps making the shoe less cute.  They also made my legs look really stumpy.  So I passed on those.  I love the Barracuda style. They have thin straps, making them more feminine and the black tiny pyramid studs across the top and around the ankle give a subtle edge.