Saturday, July 31, 2010

Oops I Went Shopping

Lately when I shop or browse, I have fall on the mind.  I love love love autumn in NYC even though it can sometimes get cut short if we have a late summer and then cold winter hits in December.  So if there's good timing, then there's a decent amount of cute outfit time.  My goal is to be extra cute this fall because one of my favorite things ever is good looking outerwear.  Cute coats > everything else.  I did a bit of shopping over the last two weeks.  The things I bought online I got this week so figure I'll share my goods!

I got rid of my Calgel nails yesterday.  It was easier than I thought.  All you need is pure acetone.  Mine came off in minutes!  It's been about 2.5 weeks since I painted my nails. I feel so weird about that, but I'm really excited to now!  I was at the CVS by my job and they put out the Milani "Haute Value" display.  I was really excited to see these because Gianna at Nouveau Cheap had posted about the new collection and it looked really cute.  They look great together as a collection but individually, most were dupe-able.  I picked up the blue, Tailor Made, and the jade/minty green, Dress Maker.  They aren't 100% opaque, but are are infused with a bit of shimmer that makes them a bit more unique and pretty. 
I have never shopped from Daily Candy's discount shopping site, Swirl, and was never really into the brands they feature to be honest, but when they do Dear Creatures sales, you have my full attention.  This line is so cute and so me.  I love their dresses but when I saw the Bloom coat, I had to get it.  It also comes in khaki, but I already have a khaki trench from Urban Outfitters.  It was priced really well at $79 with an additional $20 off promo.  It has cute anchor buttons and adorable polka dot lining.  Very excited to wear this come fall.

Remember back when I posted these black wedges from Urban Outfitters?  Well shortly after getting them and writing about them, I tested them out around my house and they were completely not walkable.  They were a bit too small.  I tried on a size up at the store and they were too big.  So those got returned and my hunt for some cute black wedges continued.  Then I found these Cole Haan ones  off this website, BHFO.  They were just under $60 including a discount code I found online for 15% off.  The ones from Urban were $50 and are surely not as cute as the Cole Haans.  They also have the comfy Nike Air footbeds, so I win.

Saved the best for last!  I've been clearing out my bag collection because I'm just completely over some of them.  I made a decent profit from selling them online, thankfully.  

I have been lusting over the Alexander Wang Rocco bag for quite a while now, but I refuse to spend $900 or anything close to this bag.  I know it's trendy but for some reason I think that I can make it work.  Gilt came to my rescue this week and had an Alexander Wang sale for both accessories and clothes.   Usually when Gilt has Wang accessories, they never ever have the Rocco because it's too popular.  This time they had the Rocco.  In at least 4 colors.  But this is the one that I had my eye on.  Especially after seeing Dakota Fanning toting this one around.  It's casual but edgy and has a vintage vibe.  It's BROWN and QUILTED. Aah! Okay, it's mine. And I'm not turning back.  No guilt or regrets here.  
The end!