Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Really Cute Sneak Peek: Poketo for Target

Even though the Poketo for Target collection release date is August 10th, it's actually already out in most stores and online (just go to the Target site and do a search for Poketo until it has its own spot)!  Well not all of it, but most.  I was really excited about this collection.  It's cute, and I'm really picky when it comes to cute things.  Design-wise, this collection has something for everyone and what I loved about it (and Poketo in general) is the functionality of each product.  I like most of the designs, and I think that it captures Poketo's choice of whimsical artwork quite well.  The best part is that everything is really affordable!

Here's what was in store at my Target.  They had most items but zero keychains.  It seems like there wasn't a spot for them so maybe I'll keep my eye out for them online.

Wallet, $9.99

Checkbook Wallet, $12.99

3-in-1 Pouches - $14.99

Tech Pouch - $9.99

Tote in a Tote Bag - $12.99

Luggage Tags - $4.99

Laptop Bag - $19.99

Water Bottle - $12.99

Large Pocket Tote - $29.99

My Picks!

Camera case, 3-in-1 pouch set, bear print umbrella 

This bear print is my favorite from this collection.  The umbrella feels really durable too!

Monster water bottle, adorable animal wallet and bear checkbook wallet.

How funny is this bear?