Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bag Lady

On Tuesday, I went to a Meetup event at the Strand Hotel co-organized by my friend Melissa for Handbag Designer 101. In a nutshell, it was a cool networking type of event for aspiring handbag designers. I am no handbag designer or even close to pursuing to become one, but I am a handbag lover who had a lot of fun just observing from the sidelines. Please check out the link above if you're into bag design, it's very resourceful!

Since I have bags on the mind, it inspired me to do a little write-up of a few favorites that are in my current rotation:

Foley + Corinna Mid City Tote
This is my newest love. Last night I went to two handbag sample sales - one was Rebecca Minkoff and the other was Foley + Corinna's Friends & Family opening night sale.  Price-wise, I feel that Foley + Corinna had the better sale of the two. You can get a full sized, versatile bag for the same price of a small novelty clutch at Minkoff.  But in the end, it depends on what you are looking for I suppose.  

I went to this sale with one request in mind, to fill a void in my handbag collection: a neutral, spacious, medium sized, simple yet stylish bag. That's asking for a lot when it comes to sample sales but to avoid caving, I kept my wishes in mind. To my surprise, I got what I asked for! - that is, after the typical stalking technique frequently used at sample sales.  My friend Lara and I pretty much tag teamed and stared down a girl holding a few bags until she put this one down.  It was the last Medium City Tote (the best size in my opinion) made of this smooth, buttery taupe leather that is so perfecto. Thanks lady for putting it down. And thanks to Lara for snatching it up for me.

Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Clutch
I don't know the color of this bag because I purchased it at one of the sample sales last year.  It's a deep, dark vampy color but the leather is glazed which excites me.  This style bag of hers is very popular and comes in a zillion colors, but I think this one is perfect for fall.  It was my go-to purse during my recent trip and it holds a lot, despite the small size.

Fjallraven Pink Kanken Backpack
It sucks that I work a few blocks away from an Opening Ceremony because that's where I purchased this backpack by Swedish brand Fjallraven.  Seriously, impulse purchases can happen very easily on my way to the subway.  It seemed like a mindless purchase at first, but I ended up being really grateful  for stuffing  it with my makeup bag, computer wires and random snacks for the plane.  Now I want to wear it every other day of my life. It's adorable, fairly strong and you can get them online too.  Opening Ceremony did a little collab with them making some unique color combos that I am also considering.  I've gone backpack crazy!

Hope you enjoyed a peek at my favorite purses.  Accessories are so important to me.  Do you have a favorite brand/style that you've been carrying a lot lately?