Sunday, August 22, 2010

Freakin' Weekend

I dedicated this weekend to feeling good and doing a lot of nothing along with a little something about it.  Saturday I kind of just relaxed around my apartment and just focused on some time to myself.  I totally slept in until noon.  Sleeping in is something that I really need to do every once in a while.  Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland came in from Netflix and I watched that but I didn't finish the ending yet.......because I fell asleep (story of my life. this happens often when I watch movies). Then I had a battle with a waterbug and I finally won after way too many failed attempts at catching the stupid thing.

While browsing online, I saw this "sheepskin" motorcycle jacket on Topshop and ended up getting it.  This is only my second purchase from Topshop ever, as I feel they kind of skimp on quality for the price.  However, from what I've seen and felt at the NYC store, their leather and faux leather items are not all that bad.  With this jacket, I like the black on black as opposed to the other sheepskin moto jackets I've seen lately.  The texture on the collar against the rest of the jacket is so playful and I want to bury my face in it.  Here's to hoping it fits!

Today I went to yoga which was pretty fulfilling as usual.  This might be me jumping the gun a bit, but I think I'm getting a whole lot better and stronger during yoga.  And with that comes awesome looking arms and legs and I'm all about that. 

Despite the frequent downpours today, I spent the rest of the day out with my friend Daniela.  We went to eat at 5 Napkin Burger in Astoria, which is some popular burger joint that everyone raves about.  I have never eaten there before but I thought it was really cute inside and my veggie burger was pretty intense!  It was topped off with pickles which I loved and their "5N sauce" which is similar to Shake Shack's Sauce. 

Then we went to some place nearby called Berry Lover.  This is kind of a weird place.  It has yogurt, gelato and pizza cones which are kind of nasty.  Have you ever seen pizza cones?  It's really gross, please stick to slices of pizza (especially if you live in NYC!).  I originally wanted yogurt but wasn't impressed with their topping selection so I went with Mint Chocolate Chip gelato, my go-to flavor anytime, anywhere!

I also got the best gift from Daniela from her recent trip to Croatia - a lovely bottle of homemade olive oil made by her grandparents, straight from their own olive trees. Thank you Daniela!  This will be going to a good home/stomach.  Guzzle.