Friday, August 6, 2010

My LOST Auction Wishlist

So you think just because the LOST series is over, I will get rid of my Dharma Initiative inspired logo and stop writing about it?  Well I did get rid of the logo (oops - just changing things up a bit), but I love the show too much to just stop writing about it.

The latest buzz is the Official Show Auction and Exhibit that will be taking place on August 21st and 22nd in Santa Monica, CA. For those not in California, you can also place online and phone bids, which is an option I might be taking up if I can find some affordable goods. After seeing lots of amazing props at the Vilcek Foundation back in May, I'm quite interested. Maybe I can afford a Dharma pencil or something. 

The photos of the items from the auction look so good too.  Makes me want everything!  Here is my wish list from the auction, stressing heavily on the 'wish' part.  

Swan Station Computer

Desmond's Fail-Safe Key

Faraday's Notebook (given)


Apollo candybars
Young Kate's backpack and NKOTB lunchbox

8-track tape player and Geronimo Jackson tapes

Jin's stuffed panda

Sawyer and Hurley's makeshift ping pong paddles

Just kidding.

There is a whole lot more on the auction's website but sometimes it gets really weird (like a two for one deal for Jacob's ashes AND bones) but it's really cool to look through. I am feeling a series marathon soon.