Friday, September 10, 2010

I HEART: We Heart This!


I want to share with you a really enjoyable website that I have been a part of for a few months now.  We Heart This is a website made by two best friends, Stef and Tyna, for cool, modern women to come to to obsess and talk about things that they love (obviously).  And while you think that it may only be about things that THEY love, it's actually really community based and allows readers to get in on it too.  While they are huge beauty buffs (which I love of course), they also rave about housewares, recipes, books, comics, music, trends, and a ton of other topics.  I've grown to love We Heart This because everyone that contributes posts great photos, insights and it's just more than a review site to me.  It's really in depth but so laid back, conversational and easygoing at the same time. 

Now here is some fun and EXCITING news: I was recently invited to join We Heart This' Review Team!  This opportunity only opens up once in a blue moon, so when I found out that they were looking for new blood, I had to try out.  Soon I will be sharing my thoughts on the latest and greatest products on We Heart This posts and also contributing my own posts on the site every month.  Of course I will link to my We Heart This posts, but I also encourage you to join and become a member (free and you can also get a blog hosted there if you don't already have one) so you can respond and post to your heart's content over there yourself!  Fun times ahead! And thanks Tyna and Stef! 

(photos: we heart this)