Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Uniqlo Boyfriend Shorts Turn Me Into A Boy (Visually)

I went to Uniqlo and I had to try on their candy colored boyfriend shorts.  They are so cute and I love pastels so they are perfect for me!   So I grab a few and head to the fitting room.  First of all, if you are interested in these, I must add that they run big.  I wear the smallest size available and that has not been the case for me since I was probably 18. The length is nice too.  Not too short and it leaves room to roll them up a little more if I want.

Now here is where it all goes wrong. I have actually run into this problem with Uniqlo's denim before, but have since forgotten since I rarely wear jeans.  They seem to have this extra fabric around the front area.  Maybe I am just shaped oddly, but that extra fabric forms a BULGE in the crotch area, giving me the illusion that I might possibly be a boy.  So freaky.  I know that a boyfriend fit means slouchy, comfy, kind of laid back and not too tight, but this was something else.

So sad.  And my quest for cute shorts continues.

PS: Everything else I tried on at Uniqlo? SUPER CUTE and super bought.