Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A few of my favorite rings

I really need to stop leaving my rings at work over the weekend.  Some of them are too bulky and slow down my typing at work so I keep them off.  My ring collection is slowly growing and I'm extremely happy to have the ones I've acquired so far.  Even though most are far from dainty, I do think that I can find simplicity in some of them when I need a little balance in my life.  Shopping for quality but fun pieces put me in the habit of choosing my jewelry a bit more wisely rather than just buying super cheap stuff (although I admit I do have several cheapo rings that I get sucked into once in a while).

I've grown very attached to some of them like my Species by the Thousands Twig ring. THIS is an amazing ring and it's not so much a compliment getter I've noticed, but I love it.  I got it at the Brooklyn Flea recently and the designer, Erica Bradbury, cut me an insanely good deal that I just had to get the Dog with Ruby Eyes ring also, that is sold for double the price at Oak. 

My other fun rings pictured are from nOir, which I've purchased from various places such as QVC.com (yes, and nicely discounted too), Gilt and their latest sample sale in NYC.  Their pyramid jewelry is my favorite probably, but I missed out on getting one of those pretty pyramid row bracelets.  I love their animal line, but I'm not too into the huge over the top ones.  The panda and porcupine are the only ones I own and can comfortably wear.

I am always after the right jewelry sales and discounts because I know they all come around eventually if you are patient.  That said, I still have yet to cave + pay full price, which is always nice.

(species dog ring photo: supermarket)


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