Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Marc Jacobs Biscotti = Cuddly Goodness

I love and own several Marc Jacobs perfumes but I have never owned any of the splashes.  After reading all these raves about the new 2010 line, I had to try what seems to be the one most talked about: Biscotti! 

After initially trying it out at Sephora, I've become a huge fan of this unique scent! When I spray it on, I don't smell like a cookie, but it does has a warmness to it that is just very welcoming.  It's not overly sweet either, like a sugary teenager perfume...which is something I try to stay away from as well.  If you like yummy scents, this is an age appropriate semi sweet scent without being too artificial.

I've been wearing it to work the past couple days and it's a new favorite for sure.  While it may seem more winter appropriate, I think it can work for the whole year.