Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Completely Random Goodies

Pee-wee score from the weekend.  My friend spotted this as we passed by a stoop sale on the way to brunch in Park Slope.  I asked the woman how much Pee-wee was and she looked confused, but then proceeded to say it was a collectible once she saw our interest.  He was only $5!  She had some cool jewelry too, but this was the star of her sale.  Obviously.
 I'm liking these lightweight canvas wedges from Urban Outfitters.  I think they will work for the summer and I hopefully will be able to walk around the city in them comfortably.

Ate at Pop Burger with my dad on Monday night shortly after playing with iPads at the Apple store around the corner.  I feel that their mushroom burger was pretty epic in size and taste (mayyybe more than Shake Shack's) and the fries are a win!  The restroom at this location was so shady though.

I am really enjoying this Bijules bone ring.  It's pretty intense but also...elegant.  This was originally a lusted after item since I can't afford the retail price of this...but thank goodness for Gilt.  They had a Bijules sale a few months ago and I missed out on it, but then I caught another sale the second time around :)

On the nails: Zoya Ali (which is actually a true neon pink, not whatever orange shade my monitor is picking up)