Sunday, September 12, 2010

Feeling Neutral

top: Madewell, blazer: Uniqlo, shorts: Forever 21, necklace: Etsy, belt & shoes: Urban Outfitters, bracelet & bag: Rebecca Minkoff

I decided to go the casual route as usual! Since my outfit was so neutral, I painted my nails a shade of dark blue by MAC called Ming Blue for a slight pop of color.  Blue on black is a fun trend to play with.  I don't even own a black cream nail polish surprisingly.  These loose fitting shorts do look like a skirt from afar, but they are indeed shorts.

Keds and similar sneakers are my favorite comfy shoe to wear with skinny jeans or short shorts.  It's funny, I went through an anti-sneaker phase last year unless it was for working out.  I thought that the casualness of sneakers just downplayed an entire outfit.  So I guess Keds types are my only exception because they are so simple and just a good flashback item in general.  I wore them a lot as a kid.  Lately, I'm just not in the mood for a heel.  I try though!  It's just that I feel like I'm forced to walk so much slower and when I try to speed up to my normal pace, there's that chance I might eat the sidewalk.

Also, I had a great time at the Fournier Communications event that I went to yesterday. I met with the Parisian brands that Fournier represents like Orlane, Votre Vu, Patyka and others!  Parisian products just feel so luxurious to me, smell amazing and I'm excited to try a few of them for Beauty Debutante, who I thank for making this possible.

The lovely Mary Hannah of Fournier