Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I flew out to LA this past weekend to hang with my friends Danielle, Nicki and Steven.  We went to see Glee LIVE (which was amazing by the way) and ate lots of food - Green Leaves, Sun Power, Real Food Daily..and some place called Nice Cream which was not nice at all.  I had so much fun, I wish I stayed longer because I rarely see my west coast friends, but I had to rush back to NY to go to a LOST Series Finale party.  You know how I roll.  I obviously didn't get tourist-y while I was there but here are some goodies from LA!

This is one of Danielle and Steven's cats, Tanuki.  I have known him for a long time, since he was adopted from a place called craigslist.

This is Soju, she is a little scaredy baby, but she is so cute!

I caught Tanuki sleeping in my guest bed, which is actually his bed sometimes.

Steven and Nicki made a Target run and came back with the grossest snacks ever minus the Babybels.
As a warning from me to you, do NOT try:
-Key Lime Mini Cupcakes from Target
-Sour Patch Kids "CHILLERS"
-Shrek Twinkies

I got a birthday present from Danielle and Steven.
What's in the box?

Oh, just an OVERLOAD of Mary Kate and Ashley circa 90's stuff in the most mint condition possible.  Completely insane.

Tofu Oyako bath bomb.  It's too cool to use.

I also did a little shopping too.  Went to the Refinery29/Urban Outfitters tag sale at Space 15 Twenty. Most brands were an extra 20% off on the 2nd day.
Denim moto jacket with adorable floral lining and bow tee by Wren. 

Danielle was also sweet enough to hand this Marc By Marc Jacobs sweater down to me.  It's from back in the day.  I love it so much, even though I am sweating just looking at the photo. Can't wait to wear it this fall!


  1. Love your awesome buys and BTW those cats are toooo cute!
  2. Have you decided what to do with all of your fan club stuff?
  3. Glendy - Thanks! I will let Tanuki + Soju know :)

    Nicki - I have no idea! Maybe I'll hang it on the wall at my next place of residence. And look completely psycho
  4. Maybe you can make a shrine.
  5. Awww the kitties are so cute and I'm totally jealous you got to go to that sale. I'm going to LA in two weeks and watch nothing will be going on or I won't have any money. haha.