Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Marine Life

Yesterday, I got my hands on a MAC Marine Life High Light Powder from the To The Beach collection.  My addiction for new MAC collections kind of died down, but I couldn't turn this one down.  The packaging is too pretty and it's a perfect pop of color summer shade.  This powder and the rest of the collection will officially be released tomorrow, May 27th, but Marine Life will probably be sold out very early in the day or maybe even before that, depending on the store you go to.  You might have better luck at department stores.

Today I am wearing a vintage DVF top that is on the shorter side so I tucked it into a skirt.  If you are looking for a versatile skirt that is a perfect length, I recommend American Apparel's Full Woven Skirt.  It is girly and pretty perfect! I am wearing the black pique one today and I lovez it.

PS: What's going on with the sunlight on my face?  Oh, Macbook Photobooth.


  1. I couldn't resist the hype either and bought a marine life too (shortly before it sold out on - whew).
  2. Jeweled - I missed out when it was released on the MAC site! The MAC near my job let me look at the collection which was nice! I give into the hype too a lot :( Luckily, I like most (but not all) hyped stuff!